98% of SMS are Read – Why not use SMS to Grow your Business

98% of SMS are Read – Why not use SMS to Grow your Business

Sending a large number of SMS to a predetermined group of recipients is known as Bulk SMS. There are various terms used to describe this effective marketing channel viz. Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing, Bulk Text Marketing etc but all are same.

BULK SMS is sent to people for Transactional and Promotional Purposes :

  • Transaction Purpose : SMS sent to your customers to provide information on your product, they are using. For example, if you are running a Web Hosting Company, a transaction SMS is sent by you to your Customer for Domain Renewal, Expired date of Web Hosting services etc. Transactional SMS is also known as confirmation SMS as they are received or sent for confirming the activity of customer on the registered mobile number. Transaction SMSes are received/sent only on the registered number.


  • Promotional Purpose: These SMSes are sent to promote your products or services to a large number of people. Generally, Promotional SMS is used by Sales & Marketing Department for product promotion. Like Sales SMS, Special Offer SMS, Discount SMS, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE SMS, Coupon Promotion that you receive on your phone.


Why is SMS Marketing necessary for Business Growth?

  1. Immediate Message Delivery: As SMS Marketing is the most immediate marketing channel. According to the research, 98% of the SMS are read by people within three minutes of Delivery.
  2. Quick Feedback from Customers: Now a Days, every single person has its own phone. It is an advantage for Marketer to make their Business a Brand via SMS in short period. The average response time of the customer is less than six minutes. As Customer feedback is very necessary for the company to learn more about market trends and get the better understanding of what customers like and don’t like.
  3. Direct Communication: It makes a strong connection with the customer through Direct communication & can help in an immediate purchase. The faster is the communication, the sooner is the selling of the product.
  4. High Conversion Rate: SMS Marketing Channel is so simple as messages are short, don’t include so many links & images, fast and effective than another marketing channel. Marketers are so happy to opt this Marketing channel as it has high conversion rates.
  5. No Spam filters to Deal with: As Emails sometimes ending up in the spam folder but it is not in the case of SMS. The Best thing about Email Marketing is that people who don’t use a smartphone and have simple phones can also send and receive text messages.

These all factors makes SMS marketing one of the most accessible and effective tools as marketers don’t have to take more pain to deliver information and promote their products.

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