Domain Name is utilized to address a site . It ought to be short long , simple to spell and can be recollected effectively. There are a large number of Domain Name Extension such as .com , .in , .org, .net , .co , .edu and so forth. These all are also known as Top Level Domain. A Business without Business Name is incomprehensible . A large portion of the general population get confused amongst .co and .com Domain Extension . Everyone thinks about Dot COM Extension as it is used in common however the inquiry is about Dot Co Domain Extension ?

What is .Co Domain Extension ?

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As Everyone is searching for short and significant web address . To fulfill this need .CO Domain Extension is presented . It offers you a worldwide choice for marking your online nearness . Dot CO is already meaningful and recognizable in multiple languages and cultures is recognized as company or corporation . It is a nation code Domain extension used in more than 20 nations, for example, , ,, and so on .

Does .CO Rank on Web Crawlers as .Com ?

The appropriate answer is YES . Infact , .Co Domain offers a few SEO inviting preferences that a heritage Domain does not .

Here are the points :

  • It is Available : There are such a large number of individuals couldn’t get their desired Domain Name as they are taken . So .Co Domain enable them to get Domain they require keeping in mind the end goal to succeed .
  • It is Short and Relevant : Shorter URL gives better outcome in Search Engine Optimization . It is highly valuable on the off chance that you need to rank your site well.
  • It is Memorable : As Co stands for Company . So it is anything but difficult to recollect and sort.

What is the Price of .CO Domain ?

As there are numerous Domain enlistment center. So Price fluctuates from one Web Hosting Company to other . In any case, Normal Renewal cost for .CO Domain lies between 1700-1900.

If you want to stick on .CO Domain as it is best option for you Business Success but facing money issue as Renewal Cost of .CO Domain is high . Then Don’t Worry . Transfer it to Online Trouble Shooters at Rs 1100 . So Here is a chance for you to save money in your .CO Domain !

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