Social Media – Grow Your Connections

Social Media – Grow Your Connections

With the objective to scale up your enterprises and win the competitions, it is imperative to rely on social media and maximize the potential of these mediums in best possible ways. By relying on social mediums, you are not merely following the regular trend of marketing online, but there are plenty of statistics to prove the potential of these mediums to reach customers and build brand awareness.
Take a look at the following powerful stats!


• Marketers worldwide has spent more than $8.3 billion on social media in the year 2015, and the number continues to surge.
• 78% of companies now claim to have a dedicated social media team for handling their brands on the internet.
• 46% of the samples rely on social media while making the purchases online.
• 63% of the samples stay updated on brands via popular social mediums such as                Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If a company fails to mark its presence on social media, for whatever reasons, is sure to miss out on the endless benefits that social mediums have to offer. Going by the above mentioned stats, companies can’t afford to remain passive on social media.
Although with the availability of such stats that clearly prove the benefits of using social media for business, in addition to, tons and tons of articles that are written daily discussing the benefits of social media for businesses, there are still a few of the companies who show vivid apprehension in relying on social media and fail to harness the power of this new form of online marketing.
How to Build Connections With Customers That Last?

Irrefutably, social media is already doing a fantastic job in helping brands connect directly with their customers. Gone are the times, when brands only relied on annual reports and brochures to communicate significant information to their customers. Now, companies can instantly promote and talk about their products and services on social mediums.
Below mentioned are a few fundamental tips to help companies built stronger connections with customers. Read further.
1. Choose relevant social mediums
Begin the process of building connections by making a well informed analysis of pros and cons of each of the social mediums. Each social medium has its own unique benefit, so understand those benefits and decide what medium is best for your business. In making this decision, you will also need to gain a fair understanding of your target audience, and, therefore, conclude the ideal demographics of your audience and accordingly choose relevant social mediums.
2. Offer real value to your audience
It is profoundly significant to make your audience feel valued on social mediums. They need to feel special, besides giving them reasons to follow your brand. The point is, do not simply provide them with promotional contents only. Instead, offer them content that is informative and entertaining. Social mediums are supposed to be fun and lighthearted, so give them similar toned content.
3. Be proactive in connecting with the audience
Lastly, and most importantly, take the initiative to engage and connect with the audience. Most of the times, companies wait for customers to tag them before nailing a conversation. However, this is not engaging in the truest sense. A company should never wait for people to follow them and like them on social mediums. If a brand fancies being loved and followed widely, it should remain proactive and engaging all times.
What Next?

b3It is believed (and, rightfully so) that social media is an unprecedented platform to showcase the value of relationships between a company and its audience. This article is written to just give you a brief idea of using social media for drawing better connections with your audience. Feel free to do your own further readings on the subject in your spare time!

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