SEO Web Hosting

SEO Web Hosting

SEO web hosting doesn’t have a proper definition as a result of it’s not a procedure or product in and of itself however rather could be a term that individuals use to explain a web hosting provider that’s SEO friendly. Really although associate in Nursing SEO friendly supplier doesn’t supply one thing special that may boost SEO however it merely doesn’t do something unhealthy that may harm SEO.
Choosing a SEO friendly web hosting service is one of the main and the most primary step in your website development and marketing process. No matter how cliché it sound, your website hosting is literally the foundation of your website success.

So here is a very simplified list of terms you will need to deal with when choosing a web hosting.

IP address:

icon175x175It is basically just a unique number which specifies the location of your server and internet and if you have shared or virtual private server, and then in that case your website is sharing an IP address with the number of other website. And if you have a dedicated server then in that case you have your own IP address.

Server location:


Totally dependent on the above reason this one is important to mention for number of reason. And for us the most important reason is Google considers the server “physical” location when ranking a website in both local and general search so if you are creating a website for your local business and expecting that people searched your website by your location then in that case find the web hosting provider closed to your location.


180_icons_rs1 Uptime is the percentage of time your website and your server should be up by running. It is an important SEO-relevant metric. Uptime is a metric that represents the percentage of time that hardware, and IT system or device is successfully operational. It refers to when a system is working, versus downtime, which refers to when a system is not working

Search Engine Visibility:

site-images Believe it or not, several web hosting provider still indicate this as a separate feature and a few – while a paid add-on whereas it ought to be clear to everybody that any web site which means to be public ought to be “visible” to look engines: there’s no further effort from the net hosting service required for that. What to concentrate to once reading what alternative users say
Frequent (widely-reported) security issues:
Improperly managed web hosts are often attacked by hackers, so your website will often have troubles labelled as one “that may harm your computer” (which also dramatically decreases the click through as well as damages your web resource reputation).

Customer support feedback:

istock_000036190928small Every hosting provider (like any person or service) may fail at times but the availability of the customer service and the rate at which they solve issues and – that’s what defines a good service provider.


C Class IP:

It is also an important factor on which SEO web hosting depend. “C class” referred to in the title of this article is the third set of numbers (separated by the decimals) in an IP address. A typical IP is structured like this 123.456.789.2 and so in this instance the “C class” is 789. When a server is relatively small they tend to host many websites on the same C class block, the same neighbourhood so to speak. Even though the IP address is otherwise unique to the untrained eye a match in the third octave means that you are living on the same block. Understand that Google is aware of the fact. For most of you this is perfectly fine however there are circumstances that require you take immediate action by moving your website/s out of the neighbourhood to avoid trouble in the future.

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