Can a Web Hosting providers really Offer Unlimited Hosting?

Can a Web Hosting providers really Offer Unlimited Hosting?

Generally, the term Unlimited Hosting refers to Web Hosting offers that provides unlimited disk storage, data transfer as well as an add-on domain name capacity. Unlimited Hosting providers are actually offering the freedom to host as many websites at an affordable price.
As a Smart consumer, you should recognize that the term “Unlimited” has different terminology in the world of technologies.

Think logically, nothing is actually unlimited. Especially in India, the term “Unlimited” is actually a “Limited”. Unless you are using few dedicated services like any cheap shared hosting plans etc., a normal hosting package uses shared resources i.e. multiple uses shared hosting packages and its bandwidth. This means that anyone can offer practically unlimited resources for users.

The way Shared Hosting plans has undergone a substantial changes over the years. Earlier all the hosting companies checks about every parameters like database accounts, amount of bandwidth, amount of disk space etc. But now, with new technology coming up, anyone can afford all the parameters required.
With new Cheap and Shared Hosting plans coming up, you can actually pay up some amount and then use the services “Unlimited”. In other words, all the web hosts selling shared hosting today have to cheat and sell “Unlimited Hosting” because web hosting is a very competitive business till date. The fact is that the Shared hosting plans are sold to small users and small business instead of big businesses.
If you buy from any of the hosting provider every co. have a certain limitation policy i.e. they have certain usage of an Inode.
You will only be affected if you prefer their “Unlimited plan”. To prevent these things just don’t jump into the so called concept called “Unlimited Hosting”. Instead of that, just prefer to switch into the cheap hosting or shared hosting plans.

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