How to set up a Bulk Email VPS with my website

How to set up a Bulk Email VPS with my website

You have a website and planning to send emails to your subscriber and non-subscribers. Sending them through your website can land you into trouble as search engines can block your website for sending promotional emails.

It is always better to keep website server and bulk emailing server as separate server. You may follow below steps to have your Bulk Email VPS setup for your website.

1) Book an alternate domain to your main domain name. For example your domain name is , book a domain or any other avaiable extension

2) Buy a Buy Email VPS @  . Use domain here

3) Host your domain in new server

4) Activate DKIM for the domain

5) Activate SPF Records for domain

6) Activate rDNS for domain

7) Activate IP Rotation in your server

8) Setup SMTP you had created in VPS to your software which you are using to send emails

You are done to send emails from Bulk Email VPS without getting your website affected.



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