How to choose the right server for your e-commerce site like Amazon

How to choose the right server for your e-commerce site like Amazon
Planning to launch your business online , it is good to go with a trend where every Small business is making a plan to sell there products on Internet. It is not possible for everyone to have there own E-commerce website and maintain it that is why lot of businesses initially like to sell them on different marketplace like Flip Kart, Amazon, Snap Deal, Shop Clues and more.


It is a good thought to have an experience of selling online before taking a feel of your own Website. As soon as a good sale on marketplace have been achieved you can launch your own E-commerce.


Converting a raw idea into real for e-commerce where the target is to attract more and more users on your website is common for all , a large number of new e-commerce business move out of market as failure due to non proper planning of technical aspects.


Server plays a very crucial rule for E-commerce launch. A big percentage of e-commerce owners are unaware about this fact that as there website traffic increases they have to increase the server capacity.

You can have a look to below info graphic talking about what service you need:


If you have traffic less than 500 visitors you can survive on Shared hosting paying monthly to your hosting company but as soon as your traffic increases it becomes a need to have Dedicated Server for your E-commerce.
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