WordPress is a powerful exposition publishing platform, and comes bundled with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant, and appealing as possible. As someone from a non technical background designing a website or even a blog may seem to be difficult task but it is WordPress that makes it a lot simpler.

Also as compared to other platforms bestowing same services, it is much easier for someone to design a website or a blog in a relatively small time period. Initially started as a simple blogging service, WordPress now provides well-seasoned tools for website building coupled with a vast community support.

Ease of use

The overall interface of WordPress hosting is a simple one giving a user friendly feel and almost similar to any desktop publishing software used nowadays. For someone with no coding skills or non-technical background it provides all necessary features required for development without the need of any professional training. It’s the power of Microsoft Word with the intuitiveness of an iPhone.

Publishing oriented

The interface of WordPress makes sharing content & attracting more people towards the content very easy yet effective. Be it sharing content on social networks or subscribing to some particular content related feeds, it packs in all the features and thus can be cited as a content publishing platform.

Site Statistics

The most important part of any business lies in tracking data about its products outreach towards its’s clients. Even here WordPress provides a detailed stat about the people visiting their page, the region of the traffic origin in a beautifully elaborated form.

Vast community support

WordPress comes with a vast community support which has already been contributing to solve an enormous amount of queries. Thus providing a lot of help to anyone new to this platform.

SEO optimized

When someone uses Internet as a mode of promotion for his/her product, then the most important part lies in generating more traffic or number of visitors to the website. WordPress is SEO optimized, thus providing a good ranking to the website right out of the box.

Prolonged theme & plugin support

WordPress by default provides an enormous amount of themes to choose from and plugins support which makes building web pages a lot simpler and abundance of plugins makes addition of features to the website easy and intuitive.

Online Trouble Shooters

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