Professional Email Ids V/s Personal Email Ids

Professional Email Ids V/s Personal Email Ids

There are numerous websites that contain personal email addresses of their sales or customer services on the Contact Us page. Immediately, a user starts to think about the legitimacy of the company whenever a personal email id is seen. Coming to think of it, having a personal email id is not the only way to quantify the quality of a business, but it surely is a vital aspect for any business.

Professional Email Ids

The sooner you start to learn the importance of having a professional email id the better it will be for your business. Not only do you need a professional and stylish-looking website, but you also need a professional email id for your company to look genuine and reliable. Now you might wonder, what does the process look like for setting up a professional email id? It’s simple and free!

id2If you have paid own domain names, then you should always look for those web hosting service providers that offer email forwarding for their accounts. Ideally, you should be given cPanel by your preferred hosting provider that will help you create your own unique domain email address along with other email services.

Top reasons why you should have a professional email address for your company:

1. A powerful first impression
A professional email speaks in volumes about the professionalism of your company. A personal email id may raise doubts about the legitimacy of your company. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a professional email address for your company.

2. Easy and free
There are many web hosting service providers in India that do a fabulous job in setting up a branded email address for free or at affordable prices. They provide excellent E-mail hosting plans. One of the greatest advantages of registering a domain name with a small business web hosting providers is, use it for professional email id currently and then for the website in the future.

3. Assists in building trust
Unarguably, many visitors won’t be comfortable emailing personal details to another personal email address; however, when there is a professional email id, a sense of security and confidentiality prevails, allowing your business to look more professional. In other words, assists in building reputation and trust.

Personal Email Ids

Several services like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, and offer free options for setting up personal email addresses. Although these free services do not provide an option of mentioning your company name in the id, they do offer an affordable alternative for businesses on a budget.id1
It is imperative to know the negative effects of using a personal email id for your business before you actually get a personal email id.

Top reasons why you should not use a personal email address for your company:

1. Looks unprofessional
With a personal email address, your company will not look professional and genuine. Looking unprofessional is the last thing you want for your business.

2. Looks like a scam
Since you don’t have a distinguished identity with a personal email address, visitors may judge you as fraudsters. With personal email addresses, your company will remain susceptible to losing customer trust.

3. Anybody can cheat you
In addition to looking like a fraudster, it is also possible for anyone to cheat your company by using a fake email id having your business name and use the email id to harm your business.

In conclusion

The above mentioned pointers will help you gauge the options strategically and give you compelling reasons to comply the obvious disadvantages of using personal email ids and nail down a better option of using professional email ids on your own domain.

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