Why to Avoid Free Web Hosting Services: Paid Vs Free Blogs

Why to Avoid Free Web Hosting Services: Paid Vs Free Blogs

Are you a Blogger , loves to write, share your ideas / thoughts to readers . Sounds Interesting! But have you ever asked yourself:

  • For Whom you are writing?
  • What is the future of your blog?
  • Where are you writing your Blogs?
  • For Long your blogs are sustainable?

It is very easy going to a website which provides Free Blogs like wordpress.com , Blogger.com and other many . You went there created your account, selected a template and whoo started writing and now you are a Blogger.

Isn’t that Easy?

Now think after 5 years of time you wish to start earning and expected search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to make your blog website on first page of there rankings. You wrote well and you are there too but who is getting benefit of that ranking you or that third party website where you posted blogs all these years.


If you are going to consult a Digital Marketing Agency after these 5 years how to get ranking , A simple answer from them will start over ! WOW all 5 years effort gone away in air.

What Mistake has be done or How one can avoid it?

Start now , Start Today, No Later than today . If you buy one of your own website name, blog name like www.abcblog.com or anything which makes you smile sharing on your social media and to your readers. Choose it , Get a template blog installed from any person / agency knowing WordPress and Start Writing.

Now after 5 years, you have your name, fame, advertisement and if you write good probably earning like anything.


Conclusion in Steps:
a) Buy a Domain / Web Name in your name
b) Buy a Blog / WordPress / Shared Linux Hosting
c) Get a WordPress with nice paid theme installed on it
d) Get Security Plugs Installed
e) Connect Backup Plugin to Google Drive so you have your blog backup for Disaster
f)Start writing and Enjoy your Blog


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