5 Reasons why Bloggers loves Linux Web Hosting

5 Reasons why Bloggers loves Linux Web Hosting

Internet is full of blogs, articles, press releases, case studies, white papers, research papers and other contents. How can someone spend so much time to write things and do they earn something out of it.Writing things is an art and many people has moved out from their current verticals or jobs for just writing and publishing it on Internet.

Blogging is something which is liked my search engines if the content is unique and niche, that is the reason all top promoting website hire bloggers to write content for them or advertise on different blogging website.
Blogging websites earn quick and more traffic as compare to any another normal ecommerce website.

To write blogs can be easy for a blogger but when it comes to create a blog then most of the Bloggers prefer Linux Web Hosting Service. Some of the interesting reasons are:

Quick Launch
Using Linux Web Hosting service, a blog can be launched quickly within few seconds. Think about you are living in a place where Internet speed is still in Kbs and you have to upload thousands of WordPress files which can take days to finally get uploaded. The thing can load in few seconds using Free Script tool available with Linux Web hosting Service.

Easy to Install  Plugins
You need to add multiple plugins on your blog or do lot of other things which is basically into PHP. Now when we say PHP then it is a tool connected with Linux. One can install PHP on Windows also but that says compatible, why to use something which is compatible when a direct use is available of the same tool.

Easy Migration
Unlike Windows Shared Hosting where migration can be a nightmare. Linux Web Hosting use can shift your blog from one provider to another at ease.

Open Source Scripts
Most of the open source scripts, themes come with compatibility of PHP and its versions, which are easy to install and amend in Linux Web hosting service

Easy Connections with Social Tools
A Blog becomes super powerful blog when the blogger is able to connect it to Social Media websites likes Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others. Using Linux Web hosting the connection to social media website becomes really easy and fast connectivity to share data between blog land Social Media Websites

We can see number of blogs are getting doubled and tripled every single day now, as it is place where a non-writer can also write, share views and globally people can read the thoughts. So if you are not yet writing then be a Blogger and show your words power!

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